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Classic Hats -Black-
  • Classic Hats -Black-

    cotton 100%
    Size (cm) free size
    Head circumference 53cm-62cm
    Depth 13cm
    brim length 7cm

    100% cotton
    Size free
    Head girth 53cm-62cm
    Depth 13cm
    Peak length 7cm

    ◆ For customers who purchase multiple tickets
    If you purchase one by one, shipping will be charged each time.
    If you put it in the cart and buy it all at once, shipping will be free for 10,000 yen or more.
    Please note that if there is no payment for 3 days or more, the order will be cancelled.

    ◆For customers buying multiple items
    standard shipping cost applies on small orders.
    orders over ¥10,000yen(around 70USD) will receive free shipping.
    pay within the first 3 days of order to avoid cancellation of order.

    ◆When entering the address, please enter numbers and symbols in half-width.
    Also, please fill in the postal code and hyphens of the address.
    If the above method is not entered, an error will occur and the product will
    "It may be canceled." Please note.